Friday, November 16, 2012

more calculations...

Had to really think hard about the fermentation of the Dark Green Goose.

Fermentation seems isn't wanting to move from 1.020 from 1.052.
Looking back at Citra, gave an attenuation of 67%, applying that to this brew gives with a fudge factor for using less fermentable Crystal malt suggests 1.020 is about the right ball park.
The big question in my mind now is if 67% fermentability of the base malt is too low, and if it is then this is something new to consider in the calculator.

Both Citra and Dark Green Goose had a similair 69degC mash temperature. Nelson,was mashed cooler at 65degC gave a 75% fermentability.

Maris Otter Crysal 80L Total

1.052 1.052

52 52 52

31.6727272727 1.1818181818 32.8545454545



Qty Weight Qty % Fermentiiblity


5000 0.9090909091 67 60.9090909091 Percentage Maris Otter
500 0.0909090909 25 2.2727272727 Percentage Crystal