Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time will tell if this last brew (AG#9) will turn out a good one or infected.
While transferring from the kettle to the fermentation bin a towel was soaking up wort (gambled that the temperature was still around 90deg) and the first time of using yeast slurry.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

As stocks of conditioned beer are running low another brew with the aim of using up some of the Saaz, Northdown and Challenger hops. The aim is to focus on at most 3 core hops for most brews.
This is the first time reusing yeast slurry, which is looking like a solid start to fermentation.

This brew was the first use of an android application instead of the web based brewlog. A suprise discovery is that wrapping the tablet in clingfilm (a diy approach to protect against splashes) cleans the screen.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goose W

The first mini-keg trial underway with 5L of the brew, the rest went into bottles.

Tasting pretty good out the FV and hit the final gravity pretty well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This weekend had a few bottles of the last brew before summer and it's pretty good.

Today's brewday was fairly uneventful, close to predictions from the calculations throughout. The only small mistake was thinking that I had a lot of wort (5L) spare. After all cooled probably 1L low in the fermentation bin.... still should get 20L out of this batch though.

Going to try reusing the yeast in the a follow on brew.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First brew day for 2011/H2

Recipe - pure_gold_goose

This recipe is a variation of the_gold_goose, Centennial is used in place of Cascade and Willamette is used in place of Glacier.

Recipe Details

Volume:21 L
Cost:£ 12.93
Mash Efficiency:68%
Estimated Original Gravity:1.053
Estimated Final Gravity:1.014
Estimated ABV:5.10 %
Estimated IBU:44.1
Estimated Colour (EBC):10.1
Estimated Style:Bohemian Pilsener
Boil Time:60 min
Recipe Type:All-Grain
Default Process:13AG8i9


Qty  Description  Cost
4871.1 gm(77.2 %)Maris Otter£ 3.58
321.5 gm(5.1 %)Honey£ 0.42
730.7 gm(11.6 %)CaraGold£ 0.86
389.7 gm(6.2 %)Torrified Wheat£ 0.46


Qty  Description  Cost
51.2 gm(43.2 %)Centennial
26 gm @ 60 min (19.1 IBU)
26 gm @ 15 min (9.5 IBU)
£ 1.31
51.2 gm(43.2 %)Willamette
26 gm @ 60 min (10.0 IBU)
26 gm @ 15 min (5.0 IBU)
£ 1.02
16.0 gm(13.5 %)Hallertau Hersbrucker
6 gm @ 15 min (0.5 IBU)
10 gm @ 0.001 min (0.0 IBU)
£ 0.03


Qty  Description  Cost
1.0 pkt(100.0 %)Safale S04£ 1.44