Sunday, January 23, 2011


All Grain Number 4 completed

"A copy of 'White River Goose' but using Cascade in place of Centennial and Caragold instead of a Caramalt. The golden syrrup is replaced by a bigger malt content"

I've used up some of the older hops, and used new equipment and my own brewing software.
Original Gravity and volume was lower than expected, but the proof will be in the drinking.

Some of the first all grain have conditioned well and are quite drinkable. Not quite as good as the original white river goose, but that has had much longer to condition. hop monster is doing quite well, still bitter but not so much that it's not drinkable. The bass ale clone has suffered with the keg not keeping pressure to dispense... at some point I'll get around to bottling and using it for steak/ale pies. I'm doing well at not starting on the still unnamed all grain number 3... the aim is to keep as much as possible until end of Feb.