Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waiting for boil to get going.

Ended up with more wort than expected, was expecting 14L but ended up with more than 20L.

Gravity of the wort before boil was 1.039, about 8 points lower than expected, but given the extra liquor it probably turned out to be a 70% efficiency. in went the packet of spray malt I'd bought just in case.

A quick play with beer smith  suggests I'll still be on for a 4% job.

And something that I forget in a bid to stop dribbles out the fermentation bucket taps is that vaseline melts at ~70degC

Biggest lesson has to be keep the sparge water slower (tie a knot in the syphon tube input) and only open the tap at the bottom of the bucket half way. Thankfully I spotted that I'd need the 5 gallon fermentation bin as the outer bin not the 3 gallon (that could have been messy)